Editing Long-Form Videos for Vertical Videos

Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts… you have long-form content that is perfect for these platforms and all you need now is for these clips to be edited down.

The problem that you most certainly run into is getting the clipping, cropping, and editing right.

It isn’t possible to create a single “tutorial” for editing video because every long form video is different. Some are perfect for vertical video reels. Some are not meant for vertical video but you can manage. Some videos are just down right hard to convert.

This tutorial isn’t meant to show you how to edit video, but rather, show you examples of videos that have been edited down and demonstrate how to use the tools at your disposal to make it happen.

Start By Viewing Examples

The best way to view what we’re looking for in our edits is to view social media profiles themselves. Below we’ll pick out specific videos for specific ‘shows’ but spend 5-10 minutes exploring through the videos on the accounts below.

Take note of the following as you watch videos from these accounts:

  • Clips are trimmed tightly at the beginning and end. The clip gets right into the content… not waiting.
  • Observe the use of stickers, emojis, text, and animations.
  • YouTube Shorts and Reels are a maximum of 60 seconds long. While TikTok videos are able to be up to 10 minutes in length, keeping all clips under 60 seconds is best for efficiency.
  • Ministry Pass features videos that can be categorized in collections, or ‘shows’. As you watch each video you’ll see that the same speakers and same theme of videos keep appearing, but are separated by other videos. Each ‘show’ appears 2-3 times per week.

Ministry Pass | TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts

Dave Shrein | TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts

The Blocks Agency | TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts

Now that you’ve seen the channels, let’s focus in on each show.

Preaching Through Podcast Show

There are two speakers in this show. Watch the video below to see the type of edits we’re looking for for every clip.

Hello Church Podcast Show

There are two speakers in this podcast however unlike preaching through where the speakers do not look at the camera, this podcast is almost exclusively looking at the camera.

Watch the video below to take note of what we’re looking for in each clip edit.

Front Door Church Podcast Show

There are two speakers in this podcast and this show is a combination of HelloChurch and Preaching Through where the speakers are evenly talking to each other and the camera.

Watch the video below to take note of how to edit Front Door Church Podcasts video clips.

Inside Ministry Show

This show features a single individual and notice that every clip is the same… it’s the same style, the same content, the same length… that’s what this show is. There is no editing other than trimming the beginning and end of the video clip.

Preaching Academy Show

This show is a single individual but is more focused on different CTAs. The videos themselves create pain and before they’re offer they offer a solution. The solution is tied to signing up for something. Notice the cuts and the animations.

Step1: Trimming Each Clip

Your first step is to trim each clip. Clips for Reels and shorts must under 60 seconds. A compete thought or commentary may run 5 minutes long — and that’s fine. From that larger commentary you want to edit down to 60 seconds or less. It doesn’t pay to edit a clip to 1:01 because it’s too long to post.

You can use any of the following programs to trim each clip.

Any of these apps will work. There are web based editors you can use but the full video you’ll be editing for these clips are too big of file sizes to efficiently edit in a browser so apps you install on your computer will be preferable.

Step 2: Add Stickers, Text, and Extras with Clip Champ

ClipChamp is an awesome video editor that gives you access to gifs, stickers, animated text, shapes, and other fun elements you see in the videos above.